Ductless / Mini-split Installation In NJ

Ductless Mini-Split systems are becoming increasingly more popular all over New Jersey. They are incredibly energy-efficient and minimally invasive installation , they are the top option for HVAC in your home , especially if you don’t have ductwork already installed.

Why go Ductless?

  • Incredibly Energy-Efficient : These systems are so efficient , it will stun you! They are design to use less energy then a conventional HVAC system, selected units can even be up to 40% more efficient than any other system.
  • Installation: The installation of a ductless split system is most convenient for a home owner who doesn’t want to do any wall repairs or boxes for ductwork , they are minimally invasive and don\’t require any patch up or repair of any wall.
  • Quite & Stylish: Ductless Split systems are so quite , you won’t even notice they are there. Not only are they extremely quite but they also add some style to the room making it look modern and luxurious.

Why Choose Brody HVAC for your Ductless / Mini-split Installation

  • Quality: We strive to innovate and to exceed expectation.
  • Reliability: We install  and service your equipment in a efficient and timely manner.
  • Cost: We provide quality work and quality equipment at the best prices.
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