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Boilers heat your home up with hot water ; Steam boilers heat up hot water to high temps and uses the steam to heat up the boiler pipes and heats up the cast iron radiators . As for baseboard heating or radiant heating it uses a hot water circulating through the pipes radiating heat. If your boiler is acting up and it has more than 15 Years , it’s best to replace the boiler to avoid any damages to the pipes and cost huge water damages to your home 

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Looking to replace your Boiler?

Are you spending too much money constantly repairing your aging boiler? Boiler replacement parts can be quite expensive and to keep paying these high bills repairing it’s best to just replace the whole boiler. At Brody HVAC our expert technicians are more then qualified to replace your boiler leaving your home safe and warm. Our technicians at Brody HVAC are Certified , experienced , and stay on top of continuous training. Replacing your boiler can be stressful but we will make every step of the way easy and stress-less as possible. 

Want to upgrade your boiler to a tank-less boiler?

Looking to upgrade your boiler and thinking about tank-less Boiler? Looking to get more space from your basement and want your boiler looking nice and neat in a corner? Brody HVAC offers Tank-Less Combi Boilers. Upgrade your boiler and water heater into 1 small Tank-Less Unit. Save so much space in your basement by removing these big units. Tank-less Combi Boilers are way more efficient then the big boilers and water heaters. Heats up the amount of water on the spot instead of heating up 40-50 gallons every time you need hot water or heat.

With replacing your old boiler we will modify heating pipe if necessary. Will make sure our work is done correct and neat , making sure our customer are completely satisfied.

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Why Choose Brody HVAC for your Boiler Installation

  • Quality: We strive to innovate and to exceed expectation.
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  • Cost: We provide quality work and quality equipment at the best prices.
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