Air Conditioner Repair In NJ

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Tech at brody hvac  have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair virtually any air conditioning problem. We are trained to diagnose and tackle just about any ac repair and are experts in maintenance and service that can extend the life of your ac investment.  When you do need a repair, we provide upfront, hassle-free quotes for all of our services, so you can make an educated decision based on your needs and budget.

 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioners need to be properly maintened to avoid these common problems , these problems will make your air conditioner run less efficiently and if not tended to immidiately it can cause the air conditioner to break and need to be replaced.

Your Air Conditioner Makes A Loud Wailing Noise

A loud noise from your ac is usually caused by a dislodged or fraying fan belt. Over time, the noise can get louder until it’s practically deafening when your ac is running at full capacity ,  definitely a bad sign! before your fan belt gets destroyed, call arctic air conditioning. we can replace your fan belt and lubricate the bearings in your motor to get your ac running like new.

Your AC Simply Is Blowing Air But Not Cold Air

If there are no obvious signs of damage to your air conditioner, but it’s blowing warm air or not cooling enough, you may have an improperly sized system (if it’s not consistently cooling the whole house), or there could be another problem. using the latest tools and technology, we’ll figure out what’s going on so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Your AC Coils Are Frozen

Ac coils tend to get dirty when you don’t maintain your system , it happens because of no filter or unchanged filters , it could also possibly mean you have a refrigerant leak and it way more complex and need immediate attention.

Air Conditioner Always On

If your air conditioner is always running , it’s because the system is improperly sized and needs to be changed and sized correctly. 

Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking In Your House

When your air conditioner is leaking it’s most likely a clogged condensate drain, this produce mold , mildew, and can damage your home walls , floors , ceilings. This must be addressed right away and replaced.

Why choose Brody HVAC for your Air Conditioner installation?

  • Quality: We strive to innovate and to exceed expectation.
  • Reliability: We install  and service your equipment in a efficient and timely manner.
  • Cost: We provide quality work and quality equipment at the best prices.
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